Specialized Areas

Pfeiffer Insulation Group is not only active in common areas of heat, cold, sound and fire protection.

We work versatilely in all areas of industrial insulation. Call on us for matters of veneer cladding, high-temperature insulations, special constructions or sound cabin assembly kits.

Veneer Cladding 
Pfeiffer Insulation Group has worked on many international Veneer Cladding projects
over the years. Steel halls and industrial plants can be covered by attractive profiled sheeting – also incorporating systems, if required. Save time and obtain top quality by having WKSB Insulation GmbH take care of the entire project, from design and planning through execution.
High-temperature Insulation
for plant components, turbines and special solutions with difficult designs. We deliver and assemble insulation cussions and mattress insulation. Easy re- and demounting is an especially advantageous aspect of insulation mattresses.
Sound Cabin Assembly Kits
Compressors, plants, pumps, air blowers – there is a long list of potential noise sources in industry. Pfeiffer Insulation Group knows how to effectively prevent noise diffusion.

NEW – we manufacture, deliver and assemble mobile sound protection walls for work spaces and industrial plants. Get a personal consultation and profit from our competence in individually manufactured and highly effective sound cabins.

Upon request, we will deliver these sound cabins as assembly sets with instruction sheets.

Special Constructions
Do you have particularly intricate projects? Do you need specialized insulation solutions?

Call on us, also for challenging problems!

Formed sheet parts
We manufacture and deliver formed sheet parts by allowance or drawing, upon request including documentation and barcode labelling.

  • zinc-coated sheet steel
  • aluminium sheets
  • aluminium-zinc sheets
  • stainless steel
  • copper
  • zinc